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“The Use of Tire-Derived and Scrap-Derived Polymers in Tire and Non-Tire Applications”

delivered at the Annual IEC Conference.

North Shore Rubber (NSR) operates as a leader in environmental and industrial sustainability, utilizing state of the art polymer technology to provide high quality re-engineered elastomers and custom compounds at competitive prices. Our goal is to be the most attractive partner for customers in key industries such as:  automotive, aerospace, engineering, recreation, construction, energy, oil and gas, medical technology, and material handling, by efficiently producing high quality material around sustainable solutions.  

North Shore Rubber’s Closed Loop Management Service will evaluate our customer’s internal waste stream, re-engineer their waste stream and determine the best use within their own portfolio. We will then create a program designed to pick up their waste and return to them the same waste stream re-engineered into a new scrap-derived polymer ready for integration into new products.  Our CLMS will reduce material cost for new products, eliminate waste to landfill, and enhance sustainability without sacrificing product quality. This is a true closed loop system.

North Shore Technologies has created several custom compounds that optimize the use of waste material without sacrificing performance.

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